My name is Clare Burder and I am the founder and director of The Humble Tumbler, and also a little wine label called Eminence Wines. I’m here to teach you everything you wanted to know about tasting and understanding wine. Trust me, it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve written the introductory wine appreciation course from scratch. The result? A 130 page mini-textbook filled with easy-to-understand information on the fundamentals of wine and food appreciation.  Your handy-dandy text book is yours to keep after the course and should serve you well in future tasting endeavours. I hope to show you that there is a whole, magnificent world out of wine out there waiting to be discovered – all you have to do is turn up to class!

I really believe that a little bit of education goes a long way. It’s nice to know what you like, but it’s even cooler to know why you like it and how to identify other wines that will appeal to your palate. You don’t need a degree in winemaking or to run off to France for five months exploring the Chateaux of Burgundy to be able to confidently pick a wine off a wine list or buy a nice bottle of fizz for your boss’s birthday. And, on top of that, with a general idea of how to choose a wine – think of all the wonderful wines out there you’ve been too afraid to buy in the past. The wine world is your oyster!

So here’s to drinking great wine with great people! Salute!

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