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Often shoppers online and offline find that the store they visit, is not stocking the item which they want. While the shopper is disappointed because he is not getting the items he wants, the trader or shop owner is also losing money, because he is not stocking the item which the customer wishes to purchase. Typically most shopkeepers are traders who are making a profit on each sale. So while increasing the inventory or stock is one of easiest ways a trader can increase the sales and profit, the business owner often does not have the money to purchase the additional inventory.

Usually businesses who require additional funds, will take a business loan. However, a majority of the small and medium businesses (SMBs) in Australia do not have the assets which they can offer as collateral to the banks which can give business loans. Hence the SMBs are interested in other lenders who can offer them unsecured loans at reasonable rates. To cater to this demand for unsecured loans , some online lenders have been offering loans. Apickle is comparatively new lender specializing in unsecured loans for SMBs in Australia. This apickle australia review provides more information on the lender which will help SMBs interested in taking a loan.

One of the main advantage of taking a loan from Apickle is that it offers unsecured loans, which are attractive to businesses which do not have assets, since no collateral is required. However, like all lenders it will only give a loan to businesses, if it is reasonably sure that the business will be able to repay the loan. Hence the SMB interested in taking a business loan will have to provide details of the cash flow, the amount of sales which the business is making. This will help the lender assess whether the business has sufficient sales to repay the loan which they have applied for.

Increasingly businesses are using point of sales terminals and accepting payment using debit and credit cards. This ensures that businesses have accurate records of their sales available. Depending on the profit margin of the trader, he can decide the loan amount he will repay for each sale. Apickle has automated the loan repayment process so if the trader is having more card sales, he can repay a larger portion of the loan, and if there are fewer sales, he will have to repay a lower amount. This makes Apickle the preferred option for traders interested in an unsecured loan, since the interest rates are lower than the credit card rates.

Since Apickle does not ask for collateral, it is only lending to businesses who are more than six months old. The business loan amount varies from $10,000 to $90000, so only businesses with monthly sales of at least $10000 are eligible. The process of applying for a business loan at Apickle is fairly simple and convenient, the business can apply for the loan online, providing the details of the business, revenues, contact details and other information. If the business is eligible for the loan, the loan application will be approved quickly and often the borrower receives funds within 24 hours of approval.

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