Four-Week Introductory Wine Appreciation Courses

When a two hour masterclass just isn’t quite enough, and you’re ready to commit to something altogether bigger, better and more fantastic – the Humble Tumbler four week introductory wine appreciation course is the ultimate wine adventure.

So are you ready?

The Humble Tumbler Introductory Wine Appreciation Course runs one night a week (from 6pm – 8pm) for four weeks. Courses run one per month in venues all over Melbourne.

The course has been written specifically to cater to people who love drinking wine but still find the whole wine ‘thing’ a bit of a mystery. We encourage open banter about each wine; a friendly forum where there is no pomposity, just good conversation. Classes are capped at 14 – so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet new people and get yourself into friendly arguments about the art of matching wine to stinky blue cheese; amongst other things.

The wine appreciation course is broken up into four sessions.

  • Week One: Introduction to vineyards and wine; Riesling; Sauvignon Blanc; Food and wine matching – the essentials (continued throughout).
  • Week Two: Introduction to white wine and white winemaking; Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay; Introduction to alternative white varieties in Australia.
  • Week Three: Introduction to red wine and red winemaking; Pinot Noir; Shiraz; Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Week Four: Introduction to alternative red varieties in Australia; Introduction to sparkling wine

On the first night you’ll receive your Humble Tumbler ‘textbook’. Written by Clare Burder, this book is used to guide you through the course, and is yours to keep at the end. The book contains detailed information on all of the topics – but is written in a clear and easy to understand language. The perfect tool to get you started in future wine adventures!

Importantly the ‘talking to tasting’ ratio is squarely in the tasting corner – what’s the point of learning about wine if you can’t drink it! Over four weeks you taste almost 30 premium Australian wines – from a range of quality producers all around Australia.

In addition to tasting and chatting about some of Australia’s top wines, we also dish out some delicious edibles to inspire you into a food and wine matching frenzy. It doesn’t really qualify as dinner, but it will help keep your 7pm hunger pangs at bay.

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