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If you’re anything like me you’ve got the 2016 program for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival bookmarked somewhere, or the hardcopy sitting on the coffee table – just waiting for some attention.

Well – it’s time to revisit because errrr guys, it starts this Friday the 4th of March.

The little event I’m hosting alongside Melbourne’s own Cheese Guy Anthony Femia from Maker & Monger (if you’ve not been to Prahan Market and tried his epic cheese toasties, then add this to your list) has sold out but I’ve trawled through the program for six of the best events, so you don’t have to.

  1. RUTHERGLEN MUSCAT MIXOLOGY : 8 MARCH @ THE EVERLEIGH – This event brings together some of Melbourne’s finest bar tenders, and one of Australia’s most iconic and under rated wines, Rutherglen Muscat. If you need a reminder, Muscat is the desert wine to end all desert wines, luscious and layered and ahhh….. stop me. It makes phenomenal cocktails because of these qualities, and that’s what this event is all about. Cocktails, tapas and a little learning on the side. Go!
  2. CITY CELLAR : 4-6  MARCH @ MCEC LAWN – Friday night, or day time over the weekend, this event brings over 100 of Victoria’s top wine producers to you city folk, all in the name of a good time. Taste the wines, talk to the producers, grab a plate, hear some great tunes and treat yo’self to some good old fashioned leisure. Plus you can get the tram home – can’t do that from the Yarra Valley now can you?
  3. WEST COAST, BEST COAST : 6 MARCH @ THE GLASSHOUSE –   If you’re the type of person always looking for that next great thing, then this is for you. Two of the worlds most accomplished winemakers – Brian Croser & Harry Peterson-Nedry will talk you through the wonders of the next big thing in wine – the West Coast of the USA. This is one of a handful of ‘Boardroom Sessions‘ which are all about small groups, special wines and big insights.
  4. ONE GOLDEN HOUR WITH MAX ALLEN : 5 MARCH @ THE GLASSHOUSE – Want to crush some apples and make some cider? Of course you do. If you’ve not seen Max Allen’s name all over the place, he’s the drinks writer for The Australian, a wearer of an excellent scruffy beard, and also the biggest cider advocate going. You’ll get to try some try some of the worlds finest too, just to see what you’re up against.
  5. OUT OF AFRICOLA WITH DUNCAN WELGEMOED & JAMES ERSKINE : 6 MARCH @ THE GLASSHOUSE – In the Aqua Panna classroom this year is a handful of events designed to explore the fun side of food and wine matching. Duncan Welgemoed, the man behind Adelaide’s icon restaurant Africola has teamed up with legendary winemaker and story teller James Erskine for a session like no other. Get the best of Adelaide without leaving the city.
  6. THAT WITH CHICKEN : MORGON MCGLONE & PATRICK SULLIVAN : 5 MARCH @ THE GLASSHOUSE – Truthfully, I was going to stop at five events, but then I saw this little adventure and couldn’t resist. Morgon McGlone, of Belle’s Fried Chicken fame and Patrick Sullivan – maker of excellent natural wines, have teamed up in the Aqua Panna classroom too tell you all about why these two things love each other. Nuff said!

Check out the full program for all the details and if there’s something we missed, leave a comment below.

Happy festival-ing !



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