My Neon Store Review

My Neon Store is an online store that offers neon lights and signs. It is well-known that neon signs are popular in stores as display boards. Neon signs are attractive to use in bars and even in offices and homes. You can get neon signs and lights of different types to suit your needs.

If you were looking to buy the best quality neon lights and signs, you can buy from My Neon Store’s website. Once you place the order, the product would be shipped anywhere in the world for free. If the idea interests, go through our review before deciding.

Review – My Neon Store

1) About the store

My Neon Store is an online store that sells handmade neon signs and lights. The neon used makes these lights and signs bright and attractive. They come in custom specifications, making them suitable in retail stores, bedrooms, and bars alike. The store does not offer factory-made products but offers handcrafted pieces that are of great quality.

2) Products on offer

When you visit their website, you can choose the sign you want from any of the options available. There are specific signs and lights available for bars, cafés, salons, retail stores, and offices. You can even buy these signs for homes and place them in your bedrooms, kitchens, or the kids room. 

If the available options don’t suit your needs, you can use the custom option. Using this option will allow you to create the sign of your choice in the color of your choice. You can even add your logo to the sign making it convenient for use by businesses. The custom signs feature is a great option allowing you to get a sign that perfectly meets your needs.

3) Review of the store

The wide variety of ready made signs and lights makes it easy to shop from this online store. You have plenty of options to choose from. You will find the prices to be quite competitive. If you don’t like what you see, don’t worry. Use the custom builder to create what you want. Once you place the order, it is shipped for free.

The lighting used is not traditional neon but LED-neon. This makes it eco-friendly since LED is energy efficient. These neon lights can even be dimmed and can be made to pulse & flash.  

If you want to make your space uniquely yours, then buying these handcrafted neon lights are a good idea. 

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