and people who love us!


LANEWAY LEARNING: Cheap, fun classes in anything and everything. Non for profit, run by some of the most dedicated people around. Laneway Learning helped the Humble Tumbler get off the ground – thank you! Oh and hit up the homepage to see a neat little video featuring Clare.

EMIPIRE CREATIVE GROUP: Gareth & Clare at Empire CG designed this website + all the branding for the Humble Tumbler and Eminence Wines. They’re a full service design agency who are absolutely fantastic to work with. We can’t love them enough!

KRIS WASHUSEN: Takes all our event pics and RAS NORLING took the portraits of Miro, James & Fred. Both great photographers and total legends!

CLIK MARKETING: Built this (and the Eminence Wines) website. Simon is wonderful to work with – we wouldn’t be here without him!


TIME OUT MAGAZINE:  Time Out Melbourne is your go-to directory for events, openings, shopping, culture, music, food, drink and arts…basically pretty much anything that’s happening in this great city. Great themed issues too + affordable subscription. Go!

SCRAG END JOURNAL: A delightful A5 journal full of stories about cool people who do great things – with a focus on sustainablity, authenticity and quality. Available online or at Books for Cooks.

ALQUIME: Brand new & super sexy Melbourne based quarterly publication focused on wine and other great drinks. Available online or at Books for Cooks.

WORLD OF FINE WINE: Also known as the bible…this Londan based quarterly is almost a luxury item – featuring world class writers, reviews & articles. Available online or at Books for Cooks.

HALLIDAY WINE COMPANION MAGAZINE: The ideal choice for wine lovers – rather than dedicated academics. Published 6 times a year and takes a fresh, stylish and uniquely approachable take on wine, food and travel. We love their work! Available at all good newsagencies.


VINO FREAKISM: Dave Brookes doesn’t allocate points/scores on his blog (which we think is great). This site shares a wealth of quality writing & great reviews, leaning towards all things ‘natural’ . Great reviews on sake too.

WINE WILL EAT ITSELF: Jeremy Pringle writes a no-nonsense wine review blog which keeps things concise & clear, accross all wine categories.

VINODIVERSTY: More a reference site, Vinodiversity is a portal for information on alternative grape varieties. It’s dense but incredibly useful.

Subscription based portals such as The Wine Front and Jame’s Halliday’s Wine Companion site are great value too


EMINENCE WINES: Check our Clare’s other life over at Eminence Wines – where she writes a blog on various things, including small goods, vintage reports and a Gin & Tonic cake recipe. Seriously.

ANDREA FROST: is an accomplished writer in her own right, and it is just plain lucky she loves wine. Her site New Ruby Press is a breath of fresh air. She’s also written a wonderful hardcover book and contributes to the Melbourne Review.

LA DONNA DEL VINO: Krystina Menegazzo (who manages the wine side of things for King & Godfree in Carlton) writes this lovely little blog. She reviews three wines per month and shares little stories of other adventures in between.